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How to Add Haptic Feedback Vibrations on Keyboard in iPhone (7, 8, X, XR & XS, 11 & 11 Pro) for Free

iPhone’s operating system iOS does support haptic feedback. In iPhone, this technology uses slight vibrations under your finger when performing some actions on the screen to give you a feedback that that action happened. For instance, when switching a toggle button in Settings, a vibration under your finger means you have toggled the button.

This technology can be very useful when typing on on-screen keyboards to give you feedback about your typing. Unfortunately, iPhone’s default iOS keyboard doesn’t support haptic feedback.

Thanks to Google and their gBoard keyboard app, you can now have haptic feedback on your iPhone for free. More precisely, on iPhone 7 series or newer (iPhone 8, X, XR & XS, and iPhone 11 & 11 Pro). This gBoard feature isn’t supported on iPhone 6s and older iPhone models.

Actually, there are other keyboard apps on the Apple App Store with haptic feedback, but they are not free.

To get these haptic feedback vibrations while typing on iPhone for free, get Google gBoard keyboard app from the App Store.

Open the App Store app, tap on the Search icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, and type gBoard in the Search field. gBoard app will appear on the screen. Tap on Get button near the name of the app, which will download and install the app.

How to iPhone Haptic Feedback Vibrations - Get gBoard App

After installation, the app will be added to the Home Screen. Open the app from there.

How to iPhone Haptic Feedback Vibrations - Open gBoard

In gBoard app, go to Keyboard Settings.

How to iPhone Haptic Feedback Vibrations - gBoard Keyboard Settings

Scroll down until Enable haptic feedback on key press option shows up. By default, this option is set to off. Turn it on.

gBoard Enable Haptic Feedback

Now, the next time you need to type something, you will have gBoard keyboard and its haptic feedback at your disposal. When you want to type, the built-in iOS keyboard will still show up on the screen and you will just need to switch to gBoard. Here’s how. On the iOS keyboard, tap and hold the globe icon on the left of the space key and select gBoard by moving your finger up.

Enable gBoard

The gBoard will show up instead of the default keyboard.

gBoard with Haptic Feedback Installed

That’s it! You can now enjoy these pleasant vibrations while typing on your iPhone.

As a side note, in order this gBoard feature to work, haptics has to be enabled in iOS Settings. By default, it is. Haptic feedback on / off switch can be found on the bottom of the screen in Settings / Sounds & Haptics. It’s called System Haptics.

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