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iOS 13 iPhone Compatibility List

iOS 13 iPhone operating system version isn’t compatible with all iPhone models. Here are the COMPATIBLE models:

iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus

The listed compatible models are those released during 2015 or later. iOS 13 became publicly available at the iPhone 11 / 11 Pro launch, in September 2019.

So, iPhones which ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with iOS 13 are those released before 2015, such as the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5 and of course models that are even older than them.

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